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GPS watch with phone functions
created for your child
A tool that helps give you peace of mind by keeping you aware of your child's surroundings and whereabouts at all times
Tilda Publishing

Tilda Publishing

How this GPS watch helps you protect your child
All you need to have a peace of mind about your kid
Location tracking
See the location of the child on the map online and the history of his or her movements for the last 30 days
Calls and messages
Chat with kids and call to them to stay in touch
Location audio
Слушайте и записывайте звук вокруг устройства ребенка, чтобы быть уверенным в том, что ребенок в безопасности
Receive notifications whenever your child reaches school or returns home so you don't need to chase them with calls and messages to know that they're safe.
"Call for help" button
Danger rarely gives us time to react. This feature allows your child to send you a call for help, without wasting time on phone calls or messages. It could practically save their life.
Photos from the watch
Get photos from the watch to see with whom the kid is and what is he doing. The kid will not know about it!
3 main reasons
Why a GPS-watch?
Why not a regular smartphone?
Not a toy
There are no games in the watch, so the child will not be distracted during lessons
Always in touch
The child will never miss your calls or messages because the watch is always on their wrist
Harder to lose
The watch is always on your child's wrist, so it's much harder to lose than a phone
App FindMyKids can connect to any smart phone ???? or GPS enabled watch ⌚️ and allows you to know your child's location 24/7! Along with an SOS feature your child can activate if they feel threatened. What are some other steps you take to keep your kids safe?
I was really excited about getting the app and having a way to give me peace of mind knowing where my kids are! You can install the app on any device that has GPS capability so if they're young, a gps watch would work amazing or if they have their own phone, that works too! I love that I can login on my phone and check where she is all the time, so I can worry just a little less :) I'm curious, are you the type always worrying about your kids and what could happen, or the type that is more laid back about things? :)
Since the kids are at school for most of the day, I like to know where my child is at all times! My kids know I am all about safety! The FindMyKids App has many features that provide comfort and peace of mind to parents. The app can be used with both smartphones and GPS watches!
I love this little girl so much and I'm not KIDDING that's why I recently downloaded the Find My Kids App and connected child's GPS watch. To keep my eye on her always. I get alerts when child leave safe areas they are usually at, when their battery is low or they press their SOS button for help. What are some things you do to give yourself peace of mind when it comes to your child's safety?
The app and watches are so easy to use!
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"Find My Kids" app family license
Get a FREE family license to the "Find My Kids" app when purchasing any watch from our catalog. A family license allows you to set up the app for three family members, connect the watch to our service, and access all functions without any additional fees. The license is activated automatically on your smartphone when you connect the watch.
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GPS-watch Ordering
Please leave your contact details and we will write you via email to answer all the questions and place your order
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