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GPS-watch FMK Baby100

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Q50 is the most popular, classic GPS watch for the little ones. The Q50 watch with a GPS tracker allows you to track the location of your kid online and stay connected. The watch can accept calls from mobile devices and supports the emergency SOS call function; there is a removal sensor and it's possible to set the radius of the safe area.

The compact device comes with a hypoallergenic and durable strap and a reliable metal buckle, fits well on a kid's wrist, does not slip, respects your kid's sensitive skin, and looks smart on your kid.

The watch will fit children aged 3 – 9.
Wrist size is 120 mm to 170 mm.
Weight is 40 grams.
Features of the model
Button control
Perfect for toddlers who cannot read yet. The kid only needs to press one button to make or accept a call.
Black and white OLED display
Does not distract the kid from while doing their homework and does not harm eyesight
Shockproof housing
Designed with young explorers in mind, the watch can withstand shocks and falls
Removal sensor
You can be sure that the watch is always on your kid
Functions for parents
Calls from the phone to the kid's watch
The calls to the watch can be made only from the numbers from the address book in the watch
Tracking the kid's location on the map and history of movements for the last 30 days
Know where your kid is now and where he or she was
Wiretapping the sound around the clock
You can turn on the microphone on the watch at any time you want directly from your smartphone. Now you can listen to everything that is happening around your kid
Notifications when the kid enters and exits the specified zones
Find out when your kid has arrived to or left the school/section/playground
Sending text and voice messages to the kid's watch
Messages can only be sent from the numbers from the address book in the watch
Sending "hearts"
The "hearts" will help you praise your children and motivate them to do good things, such as cleaning the room, doing homework, and helping parents.
Functions for children
Calls to specific numbers
The smart watch allows the kid to make calls only to the phone numbers specified when setting up
Sending voice or text messages from the watch to the parent's phone
It is very useful if you can't talk
SOS button
The kid will be able to send an SOS signal by pushing a button, and you will instantly know they need attention
Alarm clock
The watch will remind to exercise and help develop physical skills in children
Processor: МТК6261
Display: black white screen, not touch
Dimensions: 52х32х12 mm
Battery: 400 mAH
Operating time in the active mode: up to 24 hours
Operating time in the standby mode: up to 100 hours
Vibration alert: -
Camera: -
Geolocation: GPS, LBS
Sim-card: microSim 2G
Moisture protection: -
Watch removal sensor: +
Alarm clock: +
Delivery set:
• GPS watch
• Set of documents (instruction manual for the watch with a warranty card, a copy of the certificate of conformity)
• Charger
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